Social Media Marketing

Lastly, I have also explored my passion for acting. While it may be a side interest, it has provided me with valuable insights into the creative process and has helped me better understand the needs of actors during post-production. This understanding allows me to tailor my editing and visual effects work to complement and enhance the performances on screen.

Kye was the videographer, editor, and social media manager for the Northern Arizona Student Union. She managed several campaigns including promotions for the annual Fall Festival and Spring Concert. She also did profile interviews of each student senator in order to showcase the people who were representing the student body. These campaigns improved engagement on Instagram and YouTube. It brought more followers in from the target demographic, college students.
Kye also managed and posted to the Facebook and Instagram pages of two other companies: Image Tech Designs and Beale Street Theater. She took promotional videos for both companies as they were both new businesses. The goal for both of these companies was to expand the target audience, garner more views, and gain more followers. These campaigns were successful at directing the target audiences to the businesses' respective websites, so they could sell their product. She also has experience with logo-making and Photoshop.

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